No the title isn’t a typo, this entry is about the best planters for small apartments. Often times when we find a nice plant we don’t really consider the footprint of the planter. It’s not until when we take it home we realize the planter didn’t quite fit. So we end up storing it away, never to really use it again, cluttering space. It’s happened to us a few times.

Here are a few planters we feel are perfect solutions for small apartments:


We love the WindowPod. This product makes perfect sense. It uses suction to grasp onto glass and its right on your window, meaning there’ll be plenty of sunlight for your greenery.WindowPod


We were already fans of the Urbio products, a few posts back, but now its even better. Why? Because you don’t even have to hammer a nail in the wall to prop up this magnificent modular storage solution/planter. With the power of 3M adhesives and the power of magnets, you don’t have to worry about damaging walls. A sensational solution of renters!

Perch by Urbio



Rainy Pot

The Rainy Pot is a quirky wall planter that will not only bring some color into your small apartment but some entertainment as well. We have seen these in Living Plaza Hong Kong and they are a great price!

Rainy Pot

Wall vases

We recommend wall vases with air plants. These planters are wonderfully applicable to HK because they are small, transparent, and beautiful. If you are to hammer a nail into a wall to put up something, this would be it because all you need is a little nail. That’s it, a little nail! Not to mention the air plant that goes into one of these beautiful bulbous bowl is a natural wonder because you don’t need to add water! Go visit the Flower Market in Mong Kok to see the many different designs because you’ll be amazed.

Wall vases with air plants

Open face terrariums

If you have a windowsill or can clear clutter of your surfaces, consider a terrarium. They normally contain plants that are hardy and need minimal care (i.e. succulents, moss). You’d be surprised how zen like you’ll feel with this display piece. We think its necessary to dedicate a little more footprint sometimes to bring color and calm to your small apartment.

Open face terrarium

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