One of the main reasons why we started this blog is because we were tired of replacing furniture when we moved apartments. Just check out our about page. So when IKEA released their 2018-2019 catalogue and when we came across PLATSA, we were amazed and really appreciative at the same time. We absolutely think this is the best IKEA storage system for renters here in Hong Kong. Here are some reasons why we are so excited:

Use and Reuse

If you are a renter in Hong Kong and have moved apartments, the lifespan of your furniture is relative to its quality and where you’ll move next. I’ve had to get rid of old furniture because it didn’t fit my new apartment. This wouldn’t be the case for PLATSA simply because of their innovative wedge dowel. All you need to do is snap and click once you move on to your next apartment. This is groundbreaking stuff guys. Do keep in mind you have to secure these units onto the wall for safety reasons.

IKEA wedge dowel in PLATSA



We love modular furniture because you can configure them however you like. For the PLATSA, you can build vertically and horizontally so you can get your wardrobe as flush to your walls as much as possible. Check out all the different modules they carry as well. It’s pretty amazing. Add the fact that they account for tricky leftover spaces with options like a hanging rod and hooks, it really defines what maximizing space really means. It’s not 100% customization, but it is as close as it gets.

Hanging rod in PLATSA



Modular systems allow you to customize function to your spatial requirements. Imagine this, you built up the wardrobe when you move in and realize, “Hmm…this doesn’t quite work in this room. This actually works better as a TV unit in the living room.” So not only is it easier to take your storage from one apartment to another, but you can transform your rooms easier too. Not to mention, this is a great system that can accommodate a growing family.

Price Point with Class

People love IKEA because of its affordability. You can pretty much customize your storage to your specifications and stay within budget with IKEA. This is why they are so popular and successful. Oh yea, all their stuff look pretty darn good too. We love the leg options as this is a simple design trick to help small spaces seem taller. They really thought of everything!

Thank you Ikea

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