The list goes on when it comes to the benefits of indoor plants. From filtering air to increasing productivity, bringing nature indoors seems like a no-brainer. We blogged about it and shared with you the Best Indoor Plants in Hong Kong. The crux for our choices is that they are very low maintenance.  On this post we will focus on another problem we face when keeping plants in Hong Kong: the lack of natural light. So what are our options? Here is a list of what we think are the best houseplants for apartments with low light in Hong Kong.

Chinese Evergreen

These plants do well in low light conditions and indirect sunlight. They thrive in warm humid conditions and are known for its low maintenance. That’s why they are such a popular choice for everywhere indoors in Hong Kong. You can recognize them by their distinctive silvery patterns on their leaves. Wipe down the leaves from time to time to avoid dust build up. Also allow the soil to dry between watering.

Chinese Evergreen in white pot

Cast Iron Plant

When you hear that name it reminds you of strength and yes they are very hardy plants. They are known to survive extreme conditions, hence a great candidate if your apartment doesn’t have much natural light. If you don’t have a lot of time to care for plants, this plant is a fantastic choice for you. Now it doesn’t mean you should neglect it completely. Make sure you do water it occasionally and wipe down the leaves when dust accumulates.

Cast Iron plant in white plot

Peace Lily

This plant’s nickname is the ‘closet plant’ and is a popular choice for malls, offices and homes. Plus the name just sounds so calm and zen right?. Peace lilies also do better if you underwater them, so you don’t have to keep to a regular timetable when it comes to watering. Recurring theme alert: wipe down the big leaves to get rid of dust with a damp cloth. Why? Dust blocks off whatever light they can absorb. You care for it enough, you might even get a crowning flower in the summer.

peace Lily in white planter

Corn Plant (Draecena)

There are so many varieties, but we find that the Corn Plant is the one to get. Why? Well, not only is this variety in NASA’s study on plants filtering indoor air, but they are so easy to find in Hong Kong. How can you tell if it’s a corn plant? The yellow stripe in the middle is a good clue. I bought mine at a local wet market near work. My cubicle is about 12 feet away from the window so the lighting I get is mainly from fluorescent bulbs. My plant is doing well and I water based on feel rather than schedule (my type of plant care!)

Heart leaf Philodendron

This type is a climbing type of plant know for well it’s heart shaped leaves. Watch in amazement when planted in a vertical planter. Or you can marvel at the cascading heart shapes in a hanging planter. It does well in indirect sunlight and water when the soil dries out. A trick to checking when to water is to stick your index finger into the soil until your first knuckle. If your finger is dry, it’s time to water. All in all a great plant to have indoors!

heartleaf philodendron in white hanging planter

We went with these 5 plants because you can buy them pretty much everywhere in Hong Kong. So go ahead, green up your space, even if you don’t have much natural light. We think that plants are essential and beautiful natural gifts that make living small more comfortable.

Are there any more indoor plants you recommend?

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