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We are a blog that gives you honest and practical tips that help you save space, time and from the many frustrations of furnishing and living in a small rental space. From battling clutter to purchasing wrong types of furniture, trust us we’ve been there before. But we have grown wiser! Our mission is to share with you our space saving journey and give you suggestions so YOU can live comfortably in your small rental apartment in Hong Kong.


Contact: spacedoutideas@gmail.com


About Wattie

He currently is renting a 510 sq-ft apartment (48 sq-m) with his wife, two daughters and dog. Having grown up in the USA, it took him a while to get used to living small in Hong Kong. But lo and behold, he’s not only used to it but it has become a passion and mission — to help you live small comfortably. He is a small space planner and teacher, living in Hong Kong. He majored in Architecture from the University of Michigan and has a Post Graduate Degree in Education (English) from the University of Hong Kong.