Space is only appreciated by those that don’t have space to spare.

Spaced Out was born in the summer of 2013 because my wife and I, once again had to move.  But here was the problem; rent prices continued to increase but the size of our apartment was not relative; our furniture fit our old place but not the new; our pockets suffered with every new piece of furniture we had to buy.

“Move away from the city if you want a bit more space!”  But our response time and time again is, “But we love our neighborhood!”

Then it hit me; everyone here in Hong Kong knows that SPACE is NOT going to get any bigger.  So instead of hoping for the size of our apartment to change, why can’t walls, furniture, appliances, utensils, accessories around us transform, fold, tuck away and nest so our home can FEEL BIGGER?  I also asked myself, “what do we as people who live in small apartments have to change about ourselves so we can live small comfortably?”

This idea was not ours alone and many other apartment dwellers around the world were creating innovative ways to utilize small living spaces. The former architecture major in me began to research and revel in the ingenious creations and lifestyle ideas that were being made available. However, even though Hong Kong is known for its small apartments, why did I find it so difficult to get constructive ideas and honest advice on how to actually live in apartments here.

So I started this blog and I hope to share with you all the innovate ideas out there to help you live small comfortably.

-Spaced Out-