Flexibility has always been important for small apartment dwellers and it’s probably even more vital now during these unprecedented times. So how do you create more space so you can use it in a variety of ways? Here are 5 ways to create a more flexible small apartment.

Use Transforming Furniture

Raise your hand if you have recently joined an online exercise class and didn’t have enough room for the workout? At the very least you should get a table that can fold because it can instantly create more floor space. The Ikea Norden is a very affordable option but even more affordable is this one from our new favorite online store called MerryRabbit. It’s on sale right now for just 699 HKD.

Consider Furniture on Wheels

Actually many furniture stores come with castors as options for their furniture pieces. With wheels, your space can become instantly more flexible without having to do too much heavy lifting. If large items on wheels seem way too extreme for you, side tables and small storage units can come in handy. This thin storage unit from Muji has really become a diaper caddy for both our girls.

Folding Floor Mats

I’ve come to appreciate this a lot more now with kids. Here is a list of how we use our favorite Ggumbi folding mat:

  1. Safe area for kids to play and rest
  2. Area for my wife and I to sit – Yes we don’t only sit on our sofa any more.
  3. Area for us to do Pilates or cardio workouts. (sometimes)
  4. Convert it into a cubby house.
  5. Projector Screen

The wonderful thing about these new play mats is that they, well – look a lot less like play mats. Gone are the sharp primary colors. In replacement are more soothing and sophisticated tones and hues. Ggumbi is our favorite but many other brands from Korea have come up with more stylish solutions for sharing a space with kids.

You should also consider padded and folding tatami mats too. They serve the same function and can equally create a tranquil and zen environment in your home.

Creating a Desk Space on top of your Bed

We don’t really love this option but many of us are grappling with this new reality of working from home. If you live by yourself, you hopefully have some kind of desk or table where you can work on your laptop. But if you share a small space, I’m pretty sure you’ve had to work on your bed. This breaks all productivity rules, but sometimes you need a bit more privacy as you conduct meetings on Zoom or Google Meet.

You can find a very good portable desk solution like this one below. Many computer stores across many districts in Hong Kong carry it. Here is a link to HKtvmall if you just want to order one from online.


Portable Projector

OK, as a family we enjoy our screen time and we absolutely love our Anker Nebula Capsule Projector. It has truly added flexibility to our small space. Netflix and Youtube already come pre-installed. Sound is pretty clear and the resolution itself isn’t bad if you aren’t picky. The soda can look is brilliant and we have used it to project onto our ceiling to watch Disney Fireworks! We got ours at our local computer store. This is an Android machine, and I have had annoying issues using it with my I-phone and I-pad. But the portability has created a lot more flexibility to our viewing experience at home. Get yours at Fortress.

There you have it, those are our 5 Ways to creating a more flexible small apartment.

Live small comfortably

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