Being organized in a small apartment is important. It will not only make your apartment more tidy but it will free up more space.

Here are 5 things you can do to maximize your small apartment.

1. Purge

Having lived here for so many years I had to learn this the hard way because I kept many things I didn’t need. But the more things I kept the less space I had. It’s a psychological load to toss things, particularly those that hold sentimental value. However, if they haven’t been of much use over the last few years, it’s time to let them go. Honor your items by either donating them, recycling them, or upcycling them before tossing them away.

2. Have a dedicated place for everything 

Start by identifying what you have and keep them contained in the same area. So, from big things like linen and bedsheets to the small things like dental floss and a nail clipper, make sure they have a place to go.

3. Put things back where they belong

When I was younger, I never ever followed this. I just kept my shoes near the door, my clothes were tossed onto the bed or floor, and you can forget about the dishes. If you place items back, your apartment will not only feel bigger, but you will save time when looking for things.

A place for everything & everything in its place

4. Keep things off exposed Horizontal surfaces

This relates to point 3, because if you don’t place things back to where they belong, guess what? You’ll start placing them on any surface you can find. Media players, remote controls, mail, paperwork, will end up on all these surfaces and you will end up with a Hurricane Clutter. Only have a minimal amount of items on your desks or tables and you might end up finally having a plant or a decorate desk lamp.

5. Have modular storage boxes that are easily accessible

What I mean is this: Let’s say you have a stand alone shelf. You buy storage boxes (that fits the shelf perfectly) and place many of your important documents inside and you top it off with a lid. Chances are you won’t open the lid to access the files. In fact you might start placing more paper on top of or on the side of the boxes because it is a hassle to access. The easier you can access and get to your items the better you can prevent clutter from spreading. See some examples of modular storage that we like.

Muji modular shelving unit


These tips are not wow or sexy, but doing these simple things consistently will help you to organize and free up that precious footprint.

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