How many of you have experienced this before. It is afternoon and the weather outside is great. You open the window and basically the first thing you notice is your neighbor in his boxers. Not so great! So you decide to close the curtains only to forgo the wonderful natural light filtering into your small space. It’s always a tug of war when it comes to window treatment in HK. Privacy? Or Light? We were so lucky to have Congrats Studio, a supplier of curtains and drapery help us with this issue. Here are 5 things to consider when choosing curtains and blinds for small spaces.

Double Up Your Layers

Congrats Studio says you don’t have to compromise between privacy and light. All you need to do is double up the layers. Whether you use curtains or blinds, have one layer that is sheer. This allows for light to be filtered while still providing privacy. The second layer should be more solid to increase the amount of privacy and light when needed.

Level of Transparency in your Sheer Layer

I never really considered this until I saw their product range. But this makes perfect sense. For example, my two bedrooms’ windows face apartment blocks(semi far away) and a mountain behind it. So my sheer layer can be more transparent for me to enjoy the view. However my living room’s sheer layer can be more opaque as I can literally see into my neighbor’s apartment.

close up of sheer curtain

Energy Efficiency

Why even have a sheer layer if you have a nice view of a mountain or the seaside? Well it all depends on where your windows face. For example, my two bedrooms have a nice view of a mountain, but it faces west. The room gets really hot over the summer and my A/C’s have to work overtime to cool the room down.

Congrats studio showed me their Honeycomb blinds. The key here is the void in the honeycombs because it traps the heat gained from the sun. So you can still enjoy the view, let natural light in and have your room considerably cooler without overworking your A/C.



You’re joking right, curtains and blinds and ventilation? No – Congrats Studio points to two more examples. Right now, the weather is optimal for opening up windows to let in the cool breeze. This immediately is ruined when you close your curtains. However, you can still enjoy the fresh air by considering more open weaved fabric to your curtains or blinds, while still maintaining a certain level of privacy. Awesome!

zebra curtains in Hong Kong

What about that window air-conditioner? A lot of people just cut a hole in the fabric. But there are other better looking choices. Have you ever thought of Venetian blinds? They look a lot nicer and solves the issue of blocking the A/C vent. Awesome Again!

Visual Tool to Expand your Space

With curtains it’s all about having curtains be taller than the actual window to give the illusion of a bigger window. Patterns of curtains can also draw the space upward to create a sensation of a taller space. Additionally for blinds, you can choose a color and texture to allow for them to blend in with your apartment’s walls when closed. This creates a more seamless and less cluttered feeling.

Congrats studio taught me a lot about curtains and blinds and how they can actually improve the quality of life in your small space. They were very friendly, transparent with cost breakdown(quite affordable) and passionate about what they do. Bonus, their curtains and blinds can be automated! Thanks Congrats Studio. There you have it: 5 Things to Consider when Choosing Curtains and Blinds for Small Spaces.

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