When living in a small space, it’s not only about chic transformable furniture that adapts to your space. It’s not only about light color coordinated schemes that help enlarge your space visually. It’s actually very much about being organized and neat.

Here are 5 important organizing tips for small space living:

Organizing tip 1: Dividers in drawers and cabinets

Whether it’s for clothing, accessories, or stationery, dividers will help you see and access your items in a quicker and more efficient manner (this is an important theme). For DIYers simple shoebox cardboard will do. Those who would like to purchase some; Living Plaza, Apita & Aeon have super affordable options.

Make up tools divided in a drawer

Organizing tip 2: A system for where things go

The key here is that items of similar nature should be stored or filed together. From paperwork to kids toys or toiletries, the more centralized your items will be, the more likely you’ll keep clutter off your tables and desks. A good example to look at are Elementary/Primary School classrooms. Teachers always remind their students where items should be put back. Go teachers! One more thing, make sure you maintain your system. What works for you? What doesn’t? Like a cooperation, reevaluate your system for improvements.

Kids toys organised neatly on shelves

Organizing tip 3: Labelling 

I used to think labels were a complete waste of time because most things are packaged with clear words and letters. Boy am I wrong! Let me give you an example my spices: I like buying different brands of spices and to be honest with you I get mixed up with the different colored fonts, caps, and packaging. Rip out the old labels and make ones that are yours!

Filing labels with a hand holding an "Invoices" label

Organizing tip 4: Uniformity and modularity

If you can have your grains, oats, nuts, in the same mason jars with labels this creates less visual clutter. Modular storage units allow for, you guessed it, a system. It allows for unheralded flexibility yet superior organization. Take a look at the Muji shelving system(feature image), all their storage is proportional to each other. Beautiful!


Organizing tip 5: Accessible storage

Even if you take advantage of vertical space and can’t get it easily, it’s pointless. Why? Because you’ll forget about it. Make sure your items are all accessible, which makes things more efficient. If you are going to store things one behind another, make it the same or similar itemsHelper shelves, under shelves and step ladders are all essential to great to get to your storage.

Bamboo stackable shelves holding spicesThese are just the bare basics of organizing your small apartment. If you take the crux of these 5 suggestions, you will develop your own organization system whereby your apartment will be more…

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