When you have two young kids like us and you live in a small space, you need items that are flexible and store away easily. With so many choices and different price points out there, buying products can get so so confusing.  But when you are able to identify your needs and do a bit of research, you can come across some inventive products that make raising a family in a small space a tad easier. So here are 5 flexible products perfect for a growing family in Hong Kong.


Foldaway Baby Bathtub

If you have a small bathroom and lack storage, this is a fantastic solution for all of you new parents out there. We went with the Flexi bath by Stokke and we think this is the ONE baby bathtub all parents who live small should use. It’s easy to open up and super compact when folded. So compact, we are able to store it underneath our bathroom cabinet. You will definitely get at least 3 years of use from it, which is more than sufficient time to transition your little ones to take a shower. Big big thumbs up!

Collapsible Baby Changing Table

Ours is an old IKEA product that we bought from Asiaxpat  for 200 HKD. Changing tables are pretty tricky because you can only use it maximum for 6-10 months(when baby starts turning over). That’s why we didn’t want to purchase something overly expensive. There are changing pads that you can lay on sofas or beds, but bending down when mommy was recovering was not an option.

So this product has worked tremendously well for us. We used ours for about 10 months for our first child. The slim fold allowed us to store it behind our bedroom door once it was not in use, virtually taking very little footprint. When baby number 2 arrived, we had the changing table folded out and ready. It just goes to show how second hand items can turn out really awesome. Sadly Ikea no longer stocks this, maybe due to safety concerns as we read from some forums. The key here is not to leave your baby unattended. Or better yet, IKEA can you bring it back with a new and safer version?

Ikea grey collapsible baby changing table

Slim Fold Stroller

We have written extensively about what features you should consider for a stroller in Hong Kong. We didn’t mention anything about it being an extra baby seat at home. Hey why not? When space is lacking, why purchase an extra baby seat when she can sleep/sit comfortably in her stroller. It’s also convenient because when we are in the kitchen cooking or washing dishes, we can just wheel our baby to face us. When you don’t need the seat any more, just fold it away and store it. The best stroller for this obviously is – the Babyzen YoYo!

Configurable Playmat

Padded puzzle pieces are great but we needed something that is more adaptable. Enter the Ggumbi 12-1 folding mat from Korea. They come in all different dimensions so make sure you measure out your living area before purchasing. We don’t use all 12 iterations(more like no.1, no.2, something like no.9) because some of them are a bit far fetched. We do however love that it can stand vertically so we can clean the floor underneath easily. Also because it can stand, a game of “Where’s ____(name) ” occasionally ensues with my oldest daughter, as we run and giggle around the mat. You can purchase one from HKTV mall. We are still using ours!



Ggumbi 12 in 1 playmat diagram

Ggumbi 12 in 1 mat, sofa configuration

Modular Baby Partitions

The iFAM baby partition is super flexible. Mommies and daddies out there, you know that your infant will grab anything and put it in their mouths. Initially I was hesitant because of the large foot print it would take up. But in a small space, sharp corners and electrical wires are way too easy to reach. The good thing about this product is that you can purchase your partition to fit your needs. You can even attach it to walls to cordon off an area.

There was a time when we didn’t need it. So we stored it behind our sofa and dining table, flush against the wall. This took very little footprint and didn’t cramp our living area one bit. Again HKTV mall will have you sorted.

iFam partitions enclosed and attached to wall

Flexibility is something necessary for small spaces, and it’s even more important when you have little ones in your life. These 5 products have truly made a big difference in our small apartment here in Hong Kong. So are there any other flexible products that work for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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