Being parents with two kids under two years old presents a lot of joy but also many challenges. One of them is running errands around with them in Hong Kong. We obviously needed a stroller and we did settle on an okay one for our first daughter that met our then requirements: front & rear facing option, price, easy fold function and weight. After using it for almost two years, my wife and I realized that we needed to consider a few more features that would be perfect for our small apartment and the urban terrain(not an exaggeration) in Hong Kong.

Compact Fold

Our old stroller was able to fold and stand upright on its own. But even when folded it still looked like a monolith in our small apartment. So we decided to store it in our back storeroom, only to not use it much because it wasn’t easy to get to. Look for a stroller that can fold as small as possible. Due to our new stroller’s tremendous small fold, we store it right next to our sofa and have used it a lot more often. Our new stroller also fits and maneuvers well in the narrow aisles of HK supermarkets too.

Strong Frame for Better Control

This is something we completely overlooked for our old stroller. Many sidewalks in Hong Kong are not flat. You’ll find that your stroller either tilts left or right. A strong frame prevents you from feeling this awkward sensation when pushing your stroller. Super lightweight strollers are great for shopping malls, but won’t do well in our odd sidewalks. An aluminum frame is great to keep things lightweight yet strong.

Good Suspension

Sidewalks in Hong Kong might as well be made for monster trucks because it’s so dang bumpy. Not to mention, many ramps for sidewalks are missing, so you’ll always have to tilt your stroller up and dip it down. This is where good springs on your stroller are crucial. So when looking for a stroller give it a really good push down to check how much shock your stroller can afford.

Durable Tires

The multiple surfaces your stroller goes through is insane: concrete, asphalt, tile, construction boards, sewage drains – the list goes on. Dense solid rubber/foam wheels give you longevity and work in unison with suspension, giving you a smoother ride and better control. Air-filled wheels with a little larger diameter work pretty well too.

Hands Free Capability

There are times in Hong Kong where you need to walk upstairs. Hong Kong is not stroller/wheelchair friendly at all. So we think the option where you can carry your stroller with a strap while holding your bub is really important. One hand fold capability is an extra bonus.

So what do we recommend?

Hands down the Babyzen Yoyo+ is the best for Hong Kong. It carries a hefty price tag for sure, but we cannot speak enough of its amazing space saving capabilities and the wonderful handling on the rough urban terrain of HK. If price point is an issue, keep an eye out on or any 2nd hand websites. We got ours(1st generation) for 1/4 the price of retail and the durability and performance has been a dream.

Do you agree with our suggestions when it comes to strollers in Hong Kong? Leave a comment below.

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