As a renter and someone who likes to cook, I often found that kitchens lacked the most storage space in Hong Kong, but desperately needed it the most! So how do we create extra space?

Here are our 5 tips for extra storage in small kitchens:

Extra storage tip 1: Nano Suction magnetic Knife Holder

This is a perfect renter’s solution because it requires no nailing to the wall. On one side of the product is a nano suction pad. Think about the suction cups we see on many products, but hundreds of them in a smaller scale. On the other side is a magnet. I have used this for 7 weeks now and it’s been incredible! I had doubts regarding its safety but I have experienced no problem with it at all. Unfortunately the only place I’ve seen this is Howard’s Storage World from Australia, that’s where I got mine from. I know they are also in Singapore, so it could be worthwhile to see if they ship to Hong Kong.

4 knives on a magnetic knife holder

Extra storage tip 2: 3M Hooks +Metal Trivet + S hooks

This is a powerful combination if your small kitchen doesn’t have enough storage space for utensils. With this combination, look at how many more items I can store vertically. I’m just always so impressed with the strength of 3M adhesives and how they remove so cleanly and easily. The metal trivet I got from Ikea and the 3M hooks and S-hooks are from Aeon and Pricerite.

Kitchen utensils on S hooks

Extra storage tip 3: Modular shelf risers

We wanted to raise our convection oven up so we can create more storage underneath. We keep our toastie maker tucked there as well as our sliced bread and corkboard coasters. You’ll find the adjustable shelf system in Aeon and Pricerite.

Convection oven on a modular shelf riser

Extra storage tip 4: Drawer dividers

We talked about drawer dividers before for utensils, but I thought why not, let’s do it for spices. This has worked great for me because when I open the drawer, I can clearly see what spices I have available.

Spices separated by drawer dividers

Extra storage tip 5: Tiered Can Organizer

No it doesn’t fit the most cans in a small surface area, but it’s not always about that in a small kitchen. If you jam all your cans in, chances are the cans in the back are lost in the abyss and you might end up buying too much of something you might already have. This can organizer has allowed me to be more conscious of what to buy, meaning less wasted food. We haven’t seen this product in Hong Kong, but you can order it from Amazon.

Tiered can organiser and cans in pantry

The products mentioned in the tips might not score high points for aesthetics, but as far as functionality – they are off the charts! So I hope you all find these 5 tips for extra storage for your small kitchen useful, because we have for sure.

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