Surely when reading this you are asking if we are OCD. The answer – sorta! We’d like to think of ourselves as detailed oriented and in a small space, DETAILS matter a lot. This includes the area of cleaning, with so many tools around, which ones are the best for small spaces?

Here are our 5 essential space saving cleaning tools:

Essential space saving cleaning tool 1: Flathead broom & foldable dustbin

Sweeping is a quick and easy way to maintain dust-free floors during the week! We had to search hard for a foldable dustbin, but Aeon had one.

Foldable dust pan

Essential space saving cleaning tool 2: Feather duster

Go old school and get this HK icon made from chicken feathers.Why? It traps dust way more effectively compared to the synthetic ones.  It can really get into different nooks and crannies and it’s DIRT cheap. There’s a reason HK grandmas still have one (I can hear the whipping jokes already)! You’ll find one at any small local department store. If you want to upscale your dust trapping capabilities, ostrich feather dusters are the very best. (Find at HOMELESS)!

Light brown feather duster with wooden handle
Tip: After dusting, shake the duster onto one particular spot of your floor and vacuum away.

Essential space saving cleaning tool 3: Cordless stand-up vacuum cleaner

We were so close to getting a Dyson V6 because of its slim profile, portability and solid performance, but we elected on a canister vacuum. Before we delve into why, we very much recommend this because of its manoeuvrability in tight spaces! However we went with a powerful Miele Compact C2 because we have a Fluffy Chow so we had to give up a tad more footprint!  Otherwise if you don’t have a furball, definitely go with a cordless stand up from a reputable brand!

Black Miele Compact C2 vacuum


Essential space saving cleaning tool 4: Flathead microfiber mop.

With such a small footprint, this will do the job handily! We like it because you don’t need a huge bucket of water for a small space. Moreover, the mop heads are washable, making this option more environmentally friendly (no more tossing old mops). Scotch-brite & e-Cloth seem like the go to brands here in HK! Make sure to check if these mop heads are washable when purchasing!

Green 3M ScotchBrite microfiber cloth


Essential space saving cleaning tool 5: e-cloths and spray bottle

We’ve mentioned e-clothes before and how much we love them. Their whole range is awesome and big bonus points to their reusable capabilities. I absolutely vow for their Kitchen Hob & Oven pack because it does the job exceptionally well. Make sure to follow the maintenance and cleaning instructions for maximum longevity!!!



Note that all the items listed above can be hung or stood vertically saving lots and lots of space.

Bonus: Everybody go and check out the Muji cleaning system because they make cleaning look good. We love modularity and to have this for cleaning tools completely blows my mind. Not only that, they make these tools look stunning! We have invested on couple of items; window squeegee and scrubber sponge (for bathroom walls and ceilings) How they wear-test, I’m not so sure yet, but purely from a design standpoint, absolutely amazingCan’t help but be fans!

There you have it – our 5 essential space saving cleaning tools.

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