It’s blazing hot outside and the humidity is up at 80%. Naturally you turn on the AC and turn your thermostat down, but did you know by doing this you are using 40% more energy, adding more to your electricity bill? OK, but Hong Kong summers are hellish, do you really expect us to turn off the AC? No we don’t, but we can offer 5 energy saving tips for your AC Unit that will keep you cool and save you money:

Energy saving tip 1: Close your blinds and curtains

When your curtains are open and the weather is sizzling, heat transfers through your windows causing your home to warm up. The hotter your indoor temperature the harder your AC has to work. Invest in some white colored curtains as this will reflect light and heat, not to mention the illusion of more space!

Energy saving tip 2: Combing the right temperature and a fan

The temperature when your AC is at its most efficient is 25.5 C (78F) A/C. But with small AC units, it just doesn’t feel cold enough during our damp summers! So… add a fan with your A/C @ 25 degrees! The fan will create a windchill effect plus it consumes 8 times less power. However, dropping 1 degree on your AC unit will increase your energy consumption by 3-4%. What does that mean? It means you consume a lot more power. So go get yourself a slim fan tower now!

Dyson AM02 white silver tower fan


Energy saving tip 3: Clean your A/C filter every 2-3 weeks

The more dust, the harder your machine has to work. Treat your AC unit like your prized rolex and keep it clean. Think about it, our AC gives us great comfort and joy during the heat of the summer, so give it some more love y’all.

Air conditioner filters

Energy saving tip 4: Dim or turn off your lights

It’s pretty simple; turn off your lights when you are not using a room. If you are in a room dim your lights in the evening, this creates less heat indoors, plus it creates a Zen like ambiance. Can’t dim lights? Invest in some slim lamps and a lower wattage LED lightbulb.

Dim lights in bedroom with art on wallSlim lamps for energy savings

Energy saving tip 5: Close your doors

Finish taking a shower; close the door behind you! Finish cooking; close the door behind you! The point being is that you want to contain as much cool air in the space you are using as possible & get that hot air outta here!

Bottom line is this, treat your AC better and it will treat you better by giving you a lower electricity bill.

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