I have now been through 21 days decluttering and I’d just like to further add to what I have already learnt in my first 7 days doing my #spacedoutcnydeclutterchallenge that I’ve started on my Instagram. It’s been a positive experience indeed. Here are three more things I’ve come to realize.

Make decluttering small manageable

When I was single, I was able to declutter by dedicating a chunk of time and get on with it. But now that I have kids, a dog and a pandemic that’s happening, doing so is hard. During the process of decluttering it IS OVERWHELMING but OVERBEARING to others in a small space. That’s why I have found small decluttering projects, like a coin tray and stationary drawer a lot more easy to manage.  It’s important to stay consistant though!

Decluttering can be a pleasant experience

Because each day I have something small to clear up, I feel like each day is a small win! Taking a before and after picture helps too. I didn’t expect that I’ll have a hit of positive endorphins after each  little project. So I’ve appreciated every day and these past 21 days a lot!

Decluttering becoming a habit

In Charles Duhigg’s book – “The Power of Habit”, he wrote about cues in certain locations. So for example if you have unhealthy snacks out on your table, you are going to reach for that. However if you replace those snacks with healthy fruits, you’ll most likely reach for them.

My cue during the whole process is my now better organized Muji wooden stacking shelf.  It motivates me to declutter something else every day so I can maintain a neat and healthy home.

Overall it’s been a great expereince and I’m going to continue this even past CNY(except for LUNAR NEW YEAR’S DAY – don’t want to sweep away the luck). I’ll do another reflection in three weeks time and see how far I’ve progressed.

Live small comfortably